Premieres Concert Form

The Composition Area offers several full-length concerts devoted to unveiling new works by composition majors in performances by MSU College of Music students. The Premieres of New Music concerts are coordinated by the composition GA. You must submit this form at least 3 weeks in advance of the concert date (specific dates are on the calendar), and you are responsible for finding performers for your work. 

Non-Major Policy

To be included on the Premieres concert students must be enrolled in applied composition lessons or in a composition class for the current or previous semester—i.e. Composition faculty or the Composition GA should have mentored the submitted work.

If the program is full, priority will be given to composition majors. With this in mind, it is suggested that non-majors submit works for the first Premieres concert of the semester.


List all performers and their instrument(s) (ex. Jane Bonham, violin)

Use of Electronics

Request your gear 3 weeks in advance in writing using the form on D2L. You will meet the Technology GA the night of the concert ½ hour before the rehearsal times start for the entire concert and help load the gear over to the show. You are expected to help set up and breakdown for the Premieres concert that evening if you are using technology in your set. The Technology GA will be working as a sound manager for the event, and will help you to set up and route your sound to speakers in the space. If you fail to help set up for a Premieres event in which you are performing a work with technology, you may no longer be able to present in Premieres concerts using technology in the future, which will be up to the discretion of the Music Technology Faculty.

REQUIRED FOR ALL USING ELECTRONICS. Describe the necessary electronic equipment for your work. Be specific – amplification (number of channels, microphones and stands, stage monitors, etc.), live processing, stereo playback, surround playback (number of channels), etc.).